The knowledge-based practice is here.

See how today’s most advanced OMS practices know their own practice as well as their patients.

The paperless practice is now a reality.

You’ve been hearing about the paperless practice for years. It’s time to take the leap.

See how today's leading practices stay competitive. Staying competitive

Within any enterprise, there is a particular kind of person who aspires to do more. And in the OMS world, they’re recognizable by their penchant to know about everything that happens in their practice in the most accurate and efficient terms possible. They know more and, ultimately, do more. That’s how great practices are made and how great software is made.

Oral Surgery-Exec v.11.7oms understands this mindset perfectly and makes sure to engineer it into its features like an optional, fully-embedded Electronic Medical Record (EMR) that will feel immediately familiar. It’s an EMR that’s powerful not just because of the underlying technology, but because it’s delivered in a way that already conforms to how you practice, instead of asking you to adopt an entirely new and unfamiliar way of doing things. So you end up writing chart notes in two minutes instead of letting them pile up and finishing them at the end of the day from memory.

Want to see a projection of how your practice will be doing in the future? Done. It’s that simple to see and analyze virtually any aspect of production in real time and act on it accordingly with Oral Surgery-Exec.