See how today's leading practices stay competitive.

See how today’s most advanced OMS practices know their own practice as well as their patients.

The paperless practice is now a reality.

You’ve been hearing about the paperless practice for years. It’s time to take the leap.

The knowledge-based practice is here. Better medicine

Suddenly, medicine has become more personal than ever. Today’s next-generation software interconnects patient and data as never before. It’s no stretch to say that everything today’s most advanced OMS practices need to know about their patient is more accurate, secure and easily retrievable than ever.

Welcome to Oral Surgery-Exec v.11.7oms. The newest release of Oral Surgery-Exec is designed to connect you to the critical data you need at all times. See vital patient information with a single keystroke or search forward or backwards through comprehensive patient records with unprecedented ease. Streamline workflow for your entire team as you manage referrals, generate correspondence, and use powerful features like the ability to assess potentially harmful drug interaction issues from a database of over 8,000 pharmaceutical and OTC medications.

Patients get precisely what they need, but so does the underlying practice since you can gauge actual productivity. Set and measure production goals in real time for doctors, timeframes, groups, locations, you name it.

Overall, Oral Surgery-Exec v.11.7oms amounts to better medicine from a fundamentally more efficient and insight-driven practice.